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  • haha nothing wrong with that. trial and error my friend. the best way to learn. and a game is composed of so many things and useful concepts
    yeah. sorry. was being nosey. thats where i saw your first name too.
    i just have to say i am really impressed with your are documentation running alongside your projects. dont drop that habbit. its a very useful attribute to have.
    to be honest it depends what im doing. they all have their pros and cons. i dont think i could rate one overall better than the other.
    i have 2 on my computer at the moment which i seem to use the most (windows 7 and the debian distro)
    i notice your the SPW linux advocate, i dont want to start any wars :p
    well my name is brandon.
    i used to work with embedded systems back in the day (kinda relates to my username). These days though i wack together content/information systems as a living... if you can call that programming haha
    hi dude. im usualy not a realy freidy type of person but i sent you a friend request. hope you dont mind. probably wont have anything to say. just had to add you beacuse your name is brandon and you program a lot.
    yes a coin flip I will let you know how this turn outs!!! I have not as of yet chosen a timezone to stay in :) this does have it's own setbacks heh hope classes go well :)
    Right we're going to need to synchronise this mibbit business thats the plan pyro! .... on another note do u think cheese would be good on bolognaise? Im contemplating this combination....I think it should work I mean... it should I know they say parmeson but Im thinking outside the cheese box...
    Happy sunday!!!!!!!

    ...I was trying to shout this, spw won't let me shout,....grr.....

    You're not mibbeting much these days :confused: well not when Im in there anyways you should be mibbeting, mibbet :)
    Ok then Brandon. Im offended you would call me a liar =p. I was just being careful given that some people do mind. Are you convinced now?
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