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  • Haha yes, me too. It made me laugh a lot when i first saw it, in the documentary haha. Just the way it waddles off, almost like a person, from a distance hahaha. Yeah you are lucky for that haha. Hopefully it won't cause problems when you do haha. The sore ness seems to have gone now for me.
    Ah haha. Maybe you can sort the economy out hahaha. Ah that sounds great, I hope you get to sort something out! Errm I'm ok thanks. Right now I'm a bit annoyed I have sore hands from recording drums/bass and cant continue just now haha, and I also have a sore mouth at the back which I think is due to a wisdom tooth coming through, so its difficult to eat hahah. No but I have very nearly finished the music and I'm still waiting for lyrics, after I've finished re doing the music for 2 of them. Also my holiday is nearly over which isn't great, but oh well haha. Take care
    Hey. That is true. How are you doing? Still busy with your activism? Been doing any music recently?
    Well then, I am pleased to have brought another into the realm of intelligent thought. May your mind continue to reach greater heights.
    YouTube - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into: Video
    YouTube - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above My Head
    Yes thanks a lot for the request and avatar compliment. Yes I think you have done haha. I'm a huge fan haha. Great, great band :D. Hope you're well :)
    OMG i love that song below. Do you like the original version by Terry Jacks? I have posted that tune in the chat box several times.
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