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    the same guy messages me 15 years later

    ^ ya your right. Im probably looking too much into it Thanks.
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    the same guy messages me 15 years later

    Theres this online dating site that I have been using since like 20 years ago. I'm not always active on it and have been using it on and off for the past long years...however, some 2 weeks ago, I received a message from this person that kinda surprised me...It was some guy that messaged me on...
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    Afraid of people being "angry" with me.

    Does anyone here have this fear of thinking ppl are mad at you?..this would be b/c of what you have said or done...
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    anxiety vs depression

    Which is worse and why?..I've had both but igotta say least with depression your not always on edge and feeling like a nervous wreck.
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    JUST POPPED INTO MY RANDOM MIND.... =( i am having a tough day...stupid social anxiety...
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    Any insomniacs here?

    Me...i want to sleep and am tired but its like my mind is racing..yes i am indeed veryyyyyty stressed our and is 6 am and havent slept a wink
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    Drinking sooth anxiety

    I dont know if this goes in the off section but . I feel that my anxiety is worse these days and its getting pretty unbearable at times..i would like to go on meds but cant......would drinking a little beer help? Oh and i hope this thread doesnt get banned for talking about alcohol.....
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    Did anyone have selective mutism as a child?

    And how are you now?
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    Is this sa or is this normal for everyone?

    Hello i am in my 30s and had sa all my life..started with selective mutism as a child...anyways..i am doing work at home as a phone instructor.. which requires me to teach to teenage students over the phone..the problem is i still have anxiety even with talking to these kids like my armpits...
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    Im so depressed and i have no friends and its killing me

    ^ you know the saying...Eventually life and ALL its sufferings will come to a complete end. Why not hold off till then?...also I feel I dont need friends
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    Am I the worst non human daughter?

    This happened many years mom got into this huge accident that destroyed the entire car...its a mere miracle she survived...honestly i really didnt care and just gaveher this little fake shocked smile and asked her if she was ok when she came home that night from the er..also didnt take...
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    Is this some kind of a weird ocd???

    Lets say i am using whatsapp..people would add me and i would add them...the funny thing is after a while i am always deleting ppl off my list and then uninstalling that them thing..and then i would have it reinstalled again and the whole processof adding deleting uninstalling reinstalling would...
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    Trying to fit in and befriend people....

    Lets say you are a loner. Yes me. I have been pretty much friendless for my entire life due to my sa. Your family insists that you try going out and meeting new ppl and going out with them once in a while...i feel that this is a good start but at the same time i feel like the "loner" that is...
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    Who here has no friends to invite to your wedding?..=*(

    I have 0. And is this something you should be embarrased about?...=/
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    Does sa make you stupid.?

    Sometimes i can barely make a simple phone call bc i get so nervous that i end of mixing up words or having to ask the other line over and over again what heshe just said..and then my family eventually has to take over the phone.... And why is making a phone call so damn scary..? do you...