Afraid of people being "angry" with me.


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Does anyone here have this fear of thinking ppl are mad at you?..this would be b/c of what you have said or done...


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Yes I'd say this is my number 1 issue. I expect everybody is, no matter what they say, even if I tell them how delusionally i think about it and they reassure me in great effort. There will always, always be a part that believes otherwise, and I fear voicing that to them because it seems offensive. Definitely in our head.


I often have this. Part of my problem is I have such fragile self confidence that when anyone blames me or gets angry at me or treats me badly, I immediately assume their version of events is right, and that it somehow is my fault. Had two utterly destroying instances of it recently in the past ten days. Thankfully, I might be turning a bit of a corner though, as I'm more aware neither were my fault at all, but down to being around two unpleasant people.