Am I the worst non human daughter?


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This happened many years mom got into this huge accident that destroyed the entire car...its a mere miracle she survived...honestly i really didnt care and just gaveher this little fake shocked smile and asked her if she was ok when she came home that night from the er..also didnt take care of her once after that blaming it on my depression when it was clealy just an excuse.

Also my dad got into an accident ended up in a coma..same thing happened..didntcare blamed it on my depression..didnt even ask him once if he was ok or visited him...and still my parents loveme when im this humsn the worse daughter right?,


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I don't think "human trash" would identify themselves as human trash. I don't know you personally, but generally when someone cares about something like that it indicates a good person who holds themselves to a high standard, even if they do not always meet that standard. I think when people see someone has a heart in the right place they don't care as much about the specific actions they take. I'm sure your parents see that, although I would guess they love you unconditionally as parents often do.