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  • oh, i got control and 24 hour party people from isohunt or the pirate bay. its against the law allegedly!!! i dont care :D
    YouTube - HIM - Buried Alive By Love thought you might enjoy this random old film clip with a modern music clip mate
    How are you feeling? 02-18-2010 12:01 AM you are consistently sweet, thoughtful, and generally adorable -nwp

    Thank you so much, i'm hoping i've got the right person, the 'nwp' bit makes sense. :)
    Hey Nathaniel!:) hope you are well!? Haven't been in the chatbox as much lately because my new course is pretty full on!.. Hope to catch up with you soon!:)
    *enjoys his coconut cream pie* Cheers mate.
    *throws a cheese pie at Nathaniel* (figured I should give you something in return) :)
    Are you studying Astronomy? I wanted to be an astronomer when I little, but I kind of lost interest with it, up until last year.
    Ok that sounds good. Do have you ever used Steam? I'm on there with 2 SPW people right now. They're doing some Global Agenda stuff. I'll probably give it a shot too.
    I feel like a tentacle monster on the inside on the odd occasion as well. Maybe sometimes on the outside. I have heard a lot about Lovecraft but admit to not having read much. I think the idea of a ginormous cosmic squidman named Cthulhu scares me. ;p
    Ah ok, I dunno about the other two but I've played Fallout 3 for a bit. I fell out of it for some reason and now I can't even remember where I was in the story cause the thing is so damn big lol.
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