Damn Damn Damn Dependency


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I was doing so well, feeling relatively ok for a while, even a little upbeat. Today I have completely collapsed again. I thought I was over the worst of my seperation from my wife but today I feel desperate and alone. I've known she has started seeing someone new for a while now but it's suddenly started tearing me apart. How can it be that within the same head I know for definite that we should not be together but at the same time I feel like I need her.
I think this idiotic dependency feeling is one of the worst aspects of SA and the most painful. I'm completely focused on it now and can't shake it, making myself feel so sick inside with stupid visions and scenarios made up in my head. Why can't I just let things go... ::(:
I'm very sorry to hear that man... I can't offer any words to make it better, but I hope it gets better for you. I'm not sure if you are a believer in God, but I just made a short prayer for you all the same.


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Omg, i know what u exactly feel. I dont know how to support u as with some kind words that time will heal that,if i was writing here how im down and despair about my broke up with partner people was writing to me here very kind supporting words. I dont took them anyway to much to my heart coz my heart was ripped and still is. Dependency is one of evils of SA. I hope u will feel soon little by little better i wish the best. I see also everything black even if my partner will change his mind. Love dont heal me make me feel not so lonely but isnt cure for my problems i guess.