Express a feeling


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We don't get to do it often enough so how about expressing yourself in any self indulgent way u want, I'll be first (and probably the only one) to make a tit of myself:

Had a low moment of the the last day or so:

Death flew in my window and landed in my mind once more,
Angrily I shouted: “why follow me, why hover at my door”.
A dark and solitary creature with the appearance of an unknown friend.
“I am not the one for you, to your will I will never chart or bend”.
With smiling eyes and a confident stretch of its dark wing,
It began to speak and spin its web and slowly draw me in…

Leaving its perch, death flew near the bed to land upon my chest,
I felt the cold comfort of its meaning draw the pain from within my breast.
“I only want to be your friend, together we can do anything”,
gave the wondrous sensation of relief at a painless everything.
Waking from its lies, I caught and caged that deathly feathered friend,
“I control you now death, my spirit is strong and I will never come to end”