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  • Hey Merry Christmas man. Hope '11 is 100X better than 2010 was for you :) (That will be hard to do, considering all your awesomeness ;))
    I was a soccer player back in High School. I played defense, usually outside. You play?
    Horror/drama kinda stuff. I'll write for most genres (since I have ideas for all) ... I often write about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, fairies, zombies. Most of the stuff has more of a darker theme to it.
    I have more of an interest in mythology and urban legends, so my ideas lean more that way, too.
    thanks, I really love the aerie style represented in her designs. Every piece of work provokes a sense emotion seen in each of the figures faces. I love when you can look into an artwork and feel what the artist felt making the piece. Just like your aviator, it's pretty awesome to :)
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