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  • Hi. Like most programmers, I've dabbled in a lot of things, but I guess my strength lies in Java. It's what I used at my last job (current job, not so much lol), but I'm also proficient with C and C++. One of my on-again-off-again "hobbies" is learning to disassemble code and write exploits, including kernel level stuff, (completely academic and totally useless in the wild so no worries haha) so my C and assembly never get too rusty. Someday I want to get into the white/grey hat hacking field, but I've been saying that for years, and I've pretty much made zero progress to that goal. :)

    Anyway, you're a programmer, too? What language do you use? Do you enjoy your work/chosen field? I only ask the latter because I've been personally struggling with that question for a while. lol. Rewind time, and maybe I would've taken up mechanical engineering instead. :)
    Yeah, I try to educate myself about world issues. I was very interested in what recently happened with your country. I'm glad you're safe :)

    The Neda situation was so heartbreaking, but I know she isn't the first.
    Im gunna go see what a virgo is. Ya know what's funny? I was born on my dad's birthday. August 21st. And he is NOTHING like a Leo either. HA I got that virgo trait like you.
    Oh whoops! Ya know I never felt like I fit the description of a Leo. Maybe I am more Virgo like you, since my date is so close?
    iran is a beautiful country.. i thought u whr from india..

    u have a beautiful smile.. are you from Theran?
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