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  • Same old **** different day huh?
    Damn. Yeah, same for me. We need to hang out on the town and bring a couple girls back to your place.
    Anyway, cool seein you again, I hadn't seen you in chat since you left over a month ago, thought maybe somethin happened. Good to know you're still alive at least! Even if it is suffering (****in sucks).

    Actually I may not be here much longer, I sent a request to have my account deleted. Some people here piss me off beyond belief. Such is the way of life though I guess.

    If you want, you should come back in irc some time.
    Mibbit.com Webchat client
    Connect: ECnet, Channel: #spw

    The link got banned from the site because of some BS.
    Alright man, well good luck. Hope all the **** gets settled at some point. Some point soon.
    Take care.
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