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    Clinical strength antiperspirants

    Hey Sprawling! I got too much spam on those forums so added a tough registration question/answer (think it might be confusing people). Google also started penalizing non-doctor/hospital owned health site rankings. They want to just send people to surgery without exploring other options :-(
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    B.D.D subject (body dysmorphia)

    My biggest BDD is in relation to thinning and unsymmetrical scalp hair. The above ear area is the worst, even just 3 weeks after a haircut. As is the crown.
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    Clinical strength antiperspirants

    Anyone have a favorite high strength anti-perspirant? Among the most popular ones:
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    Tranxene to cure hyperhidrosis

    Sonia e-mailed me a while back about Tranxene curing her hyperhidrosis: Hyperhidrosis potentially cured by Clorazepate (Tranxene)? Recently, someone else e-mailed me about this. I wanted to see if any others are trying this out? I have not, because my hand sweating was cured... and my feet...
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    Who has high blood pressure and what are you doing about it?

    I got diagnosed with very high blood pressure recently after a first ever panic attack. Most days, my BP is 150/100. During the panic attack, my blood pressure was 200/120. Crazy high. After taking 5mg Amlodipine for a few days, my BP is down to 139/89. With weight loss and diet changes, I...
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    Men who have BDD, issues having your photo taken, and discussing that with your gf

    I am a male, but have BDD. Not severe, but enough to think about it regularly. I hate my photos due to dark circles, thinning hair, thin skin etc... I also hate my reflection in certain reflective maybe my BDD is severe lol In today's world it is very hard to be like this since...
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    Tranxene cures one person's hyperhidrosis for 15 years and counting

    Sonya posted this on my forum and she sounds very believable: Hyperhidrosis Forum: View topic - Cured at last! I have never heard about this potential cure before and hope more people experiment with it after consulting with their doctor.
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    Are Asian men less concerned about social anxiety?

    It seems like there is always some news about an Asian man or country inventing a robot companion, an Asian man dying playing video games, an Asian man living by himself on an island (yesterday, from Japan), Asian men studying too hard etc... When I go to the local chess or Magic games, Asians...
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    Starting a comprehensive project and database on water type & iontophoresis

    I am starting a major project on water type and its effect on success versus failure when it comes to iontophoresis. I do not come to this forum regularly, but will try to check this thread now and again. Otherwise, please e-mail me or post on my site's forums if you are interested in...
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    ETS surgeon listing by experience

    I have largely not updated the below since 2006, but might do so next year. Worldwide Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy Totals If anyone knows a surgeon that is missing, please let me know.
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    Potential danger of chromium from iontophoresis?

    On my forums, there is a 2 page thread about this with many interesting links: Hyperhidrosis Forum :: View topic - Worried about toxicity of metal electrodes I wonder if poster here have any opinions on this?
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    If you cut T-2, what happens to signals from T-3 ad below?

    I had ETS surgery in 1998 and they cut T-2. I am curious what happens to the signals from T-3, T-4, T-5 etc... that go through T-2 based on the SNS diagram. It seems like some signals from the lower ganglions have to go through T-2 while others might go via their own separate paths. Thanks.
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    My success with Idromed

    I had success with Idromed and posted my story here: My Results Treating Hyperhidrosis With Idromed
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    My results of using Botox for feet sweating

    I will modify and update the below page regularly, including adding pictures. For now, I will share my results: My first Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis So far, I have had 2.5 weeks of very dry feet. Note that my feet sweating was bad before I had ETS in 1998, and became much worse...
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    Iontophoresis and chest pain?

    Anyone ever had chest pain after undergoing iontophoresis treatment? I have had chest pain on and off lately, but think that it could also be due to bench pressing or due to a cold that I have had. Thanks.