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  • lol i love pic. i post alot i have problems but i smile about em. u can im me anytime too
    Yeah its brand new, still learning my self though. Me? "I'm a believer in Joy Division" <---- Movie quote FYI. Lol, Ahhh anti-social, chain smoker, music snob. Don't have any pictures on my labtop. I'll post some sooner or later on this forum. Got to take them first.
    I'm fine, thanks..it should be a little box above all the messages, just type in to that. Do you not like cereal at all? or just in the morning? lol. It's probably up there with pizza as my favorite food, yup yup.
    idk where o reply but im ok. how r u. person on the other side of the computer
    21. Waking at night to look at clock in fear of tardiness or time passing too quickly.
    22. Inability to drive in fear of dying or killing someone. 23. If something stinks or is dirty I must clean it or repeatedly spray air freshener or anxiety will set in.
    24. Anxieties around young children.
    25. Can't have ppl sleep under the coversif the bed is made.
    26. Will have an anxiety/panic attack if someone chews their food and shows me.

    *and this probably isn't everything
    11. Must wash hands 3 times after using the bathroom and dry 3 times as well.
    12. Must rub finges together when anixous or having a panic/anxiety attck.
    13. Fear of own death or something bad happening to me or someone else.
    14. Must move away if someone sneezes coughts spits or chokes.
    15. Obsessive picking or scratching.
    16. Can't sit hot foods on lap at anytime.
    17. Must blow cold foods such as ice creams or anything cold that requires a spoon.
    18. Can't eat hot foods with my hands. (I probably avoid the food) if I don't have a spoon or fork.
    19. Can't eat messy foods. (Without spoon or fork)
    20. Can't eat over cereal in the morning.
    This is a list of my OCD problems/things that can cause a panic or anxiety attack (if u suffer from the same of some other ones can u comment and list them too.):
    1. Must sleep on edge of bed.
    2. Can't lay sit or sleep by stains dirt or spots.
    3. Must count 123-123-123-123 -456-789-369-121518-212427
    4. Must redo all knots and ties.
    5. Must ask how hair and make up looks throughout the day.
    6. Obsessive negative thoughts (of death failure and anything negative).
    7. No toughing or huging people for too long.
    8. Irregular fear of bugs.
    9. Anxiety attacks at night or when nervous, scared, or fearful of being in an awkward situation.
    10. Must cover ears when sleep in fear of bugs getting in.
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