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  • Well i am actually in Kentucky which is basically 5 minutes from Huntington (right across the bridge). I have been to Beckley a few times back when i left for the Navy. Anyway you are the closest person to me i have ever met on here.
    Hi Crazycat, A lot of people ask me OMG what is wrong with your dog. Well for one thing Jess was born blind and has albino eyes and look pink in colour whenever I take a snap shot of her. So I had taken a picture of her while she picked up a needle to make it look like she is a drug addict.
    Hi crazycat, Thanx for excepting my friendship invite and I shall keep in contact with you, so till then have a good one.
    You mentioned that you like Australians, as I'm from Sydney oz myself crazycat. I have sent you a friendship request and hope to hear back from you soon.
    Hey crazycat. I'll be your friend. Feel free to PM me or put some nonsense on my board.
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