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  • Hey there,
    How are you doing ?
    Wanted to thank you for your reply on my thread. I feel a bit better. thanks.
    I´m happy someone understands. When I read your posts, I can relate to it alot.
    I just feel weird after posting a thread like this, because it´s negative and very personal.
    I think people will judge me, but after reading your post I felt a little better.
    See that someone cares and even understands it. Hey, Have you made any progress lately? and How´s life?

    Thanks again.

    Thanks, I should make a thread introducing myself really.

    I'm not sure if I'm replying in the right way... is there meant to be a reply button or do I go onto your page and just post a different message? Or just post in this box? Lol I guess I shall see after I finish this, god I worry over everything haha.
    Hey, I'm doing o.k and no problem. I meant what I said, but yeah I understand what you mean about white light. Just a word of advice, try not to focus on it too much, apparently one girl liked me despite keeping mines so short. Plus I think it suits you since you're so well built. i want to get buff too...
    Hi! I don't believe it we are just conscious animals or that nihilism is a acceptable philophy of life. I think this kind of view only makes our desperation grows bigger and it's not accurate at all.
    We are much more than that and we definitely have a purpose in life.
    they keep saying snow is coming but it's not here yet, just super freezing tempatures and high winds
    Hey there Confuseddd,

    How have you been? :) I'm sorry it took so long to reply ya,
    But i hope your doing ok :)
    Having a nice weekend?:D

    Xx Saskia
    (part 2 of my post, its too long:p)

    About depression, Yeah I'm surely depressed, No doubt about that. But I've got borderline too with sa, so yeah mixed.. huh.. Don't know where it is all coming from. But I need to figure that out, to help myself someday. But the feeling of emptyness is hard, because I don't know how to fill that feeling, to feel good again. But before I know my mood swings again and I feel happy again. So problem solved for a while . :p

    about crying, tehres nothing wrong with crying, for me it is not.. because its good to let your emotions come out, it will relieve lots of emotions, i can understand what you must go through.

    Wish u a nice week Xx

    Hey :)

    I don't have Aspergers, I have MCDD (of the autism spectrum, it's kind of family with aspergers, like PDD-nos and high functional autism and other related disorders of the A.S.S:p) But I know lots of things about Autism because I do lots of research about that, because i find it very interesting topic and I would love to help people in the future, who are struggling theh same thing i was dealing with. But yeah, I will see how I can make that come true:p. But that's just one of my dreams :).
    how you are able to tell if you got aspergers.. Well, You should do a test for that, so many researchers are there to help you with that.. really ;). You can also check youtube videos about aspergers (some people call it assburgers:p), but the best thing is doing a test.. so you can get a real diagnose. :) But you can also do online tests, but I doubt if those are really true :p.
    Hey there! :)

    How are you doing? Had a nice weekend?
    I appreciate the friend request, accepted;)
    I loved your poem, and thanks for your kind words :)

    Xx Flowery
    If they are anything like me it's because they avoid being noticed really well, or feign confidence. Also you're quite good-looking yourself so they might even be too nervous around you to stand out too much.
    And if you think about it people have defences in person but tend not to have them on the internet until invoked. Ih. :D
    That is extremely flattering!
    I have no idea what to say in response.
    Thank you? :)
    hey. Thanks! What was the stuff called that you recommended the other day? I searched for it but never wrote it down.
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