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    Auckland - New Zealand

    I've only just moved to Auckland, was a pretty poor choice since its hard to get a job here as is, let alone with SA & Depression .... Going to start going backwards in about 2 week money wise :/ Anyway! Here's some pictures i took with my iPhone since i can't afford to buy a real camera...
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    I've just moved to the city & got massively sunburnt! on the second day in Auckland on a small island called "waiheke island" if you ever come to new zealand it's a really nice place to go for day out. And..... i need to get a job Asap! Does anyone know any good jobs to get in the city? like...
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    Is here any New Zelanders actually here

    Hey! is there anyone from, living, or visiting New Zealandon this forum? "Is here any New Zelanders actually here" haha spelling :/ = there
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    thoughts on "online friendship"

    Note: this post could have been structured much better then it is... i kinda just put some thoughts down and blended them together. I really like the ideal of trying to make friends online and there are heaps of advantages, people are generally more open online (via any medium, actually other...
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    Spw running slow ?

    does this site load slowly for anyone else? every time click a page it loads fully like straight away but i can't click/scroll/type/post for like another 20-30 seconds per page... i've cleared my browser cache twice now and that doesn't change anything? mods got any ideas ? is this forum flash...
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    Moving to the City Next Year, Help

    OK this is my first thread ever! so go easy :) I'm moving to New Zealand's biggest city next year, which is home to 31 percent of the NZs population! (for a 41 week course i sort of want to do) and it's freaking me out! for the first time ever i'll be living somewhere other then my lovely...