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Old 09-06-2012

Yeap, yes it is. Most of us here are afraid of failure. We've gone to through much. The risk of her saying "no" is too great, or even worse, she might not even interact with us anymore.
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Old 09-13-2012

Hmm well I am quite shy (difficulty speaking to girls face to face), and I prefer not to let the girl know I like her because I do not believe that she will agree to go on a date with me, and will probably laugh :( trying to overcome this...
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Old 07-09-2013

Originally Posted by FountainandFairfax View Post
Iíve done this so many times that Iíve lost count. It seems like thereís a very small window when a girl likes you, and if you donít girder up your loins and dive through very quick, it slams shut forever. I think they just figure that youíre too weak to be their man.

After all, If you canít even pounce on something that wants to be pounced on, how could you convince them youíd be a serious provider/lover/protector?

ďI want you in my life as a friend.Ē Ha Ha Ha

Oh man, life is awesome.
Iím the woman in this situation who actually pursued the love-shy guy. I heard on authority from two people that he really liked me and wouldnít stop talking about me. I used to go to his place of work and he would always stare and sometimes he would serve me, other times he seemed too scared to. This other girl who worked there liked him too so she got me banned from the place! So I had to resort to asking this guy out over Facebook. He never replied!

A few months later I got another boyfriend and managed to get back into his place of work where he would continue to stare etc and look excited but nervous to see me.

Itís not that I thought he was ďtoo weak to be my manĒ itís the fact that he ignored me completely and it was obvious he was too afraid to let anything happen. Believe me, I tried to make an effort with him, starting conversations, telling him I really liked him BECAUSE he was shy! But at the end of the day, if he was so afraid and immobilised by his fears to do ANYTHING other than try and make me chase him to no avail all the time, then there is no point. I canít do EVERYTHING all the time, there has to be some give and take. I ended up feeling like I was disrespecting myself and being a mug, chasing after someone whom was not reciprocating. It was actually eating into my self-esteem and started to feel really unhealthy, so I moved on.
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Old 07-09-2013
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Originally Posted by TooShyShy View Post
Or at least have some feelings or an attraction for her? Why hide your feelings and not acknowledge them? What is the worry in the girl knowing this? Why hold back?

Is it better to live this way and watch, stare, fantasize about her from afar and be sad and lonely rather than let the girl know you are attracted to her?
Because anxiety is a very powerful thing and is difficult to overcome if someone is very shy.

It's not just love shy guys that are afraid to speak to women they like, there are a lot of men that are afraid to approach women. Just most of those men won't ever admit because they are ashamed of themselves for not being able to approach women.
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