Why I Am Able To Overcome Anxiety Quickly

So I've been dealing with SA my whole life, but I've gotten better over the past few years. I heard about this idea once that was saying to go out and do something that makes you uncomfortable everyday. Well I tried it and failed, a lot! Every time I failed I'd be like well this clearly doesn't work. So I stopped. Well about 6 months ago I heard about it again and realized my problem. I wasn't being consistent and that's why I was seeing no improvement. What really changed it for me was doing at least one thing everyday, and if you miss one day it breaks the chain. So my suggestion is just go outside your comfort zone just a little bit everyday, and don't miss a day. This will lower your anxiety the fastest way.


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Yes thats it.

For me it has always been that combined with targeting my self esteem issues too. When I did things to improve the way I felt about myself it made it easier to push myself into my uncomfort zones.


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Thank you for telling us what worked for you. I don't think this is the solution for me though. i have other solution.
You said you've tried it a lot but not everyday so what day of the everyday did it work for you then? thanks a lot

Right. I've been going out and about my whole life and it never gets easier.
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