Which references do you put on your resume(s)


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I'm really curious - I had to start working for my old boss again because I wasn't finding new work, and my resume doesn't have anybody listed anyways, except for my bf, who luckily worked with me so I could genuinely call him a coworker and just not mention our personal relationship.

I've never really built relationships with any of my coworkers and my SA has prevented me from asking any teachers or peers if I could use them. I was wondering if any of you had/have this problem as well, and what did you do about it?


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References are the bane of our existance.

You can use friends who are over 18, family friends, former bosses, your friends parents

It's a problem for me too- my references are:
my former boss who i haven't seen in 6 years (don't even know if the phone number is current)
my dads girlfriend
my friends mom
my moms friend
and the last boss i had

....unfortunately, i've never gotten to know any co-workers well either, i think it's usually better to be honest or keep it blank~


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I know what a pain that is.Im still not sure what I'm going to do when I look for a job.In the past I just made some people up because really didn't have any references.Im afraid that if i didn't write anything,they would think I'm trying to trick because i didn't wont them to know about job history.

Though when I do look for a job,I'm more worried about how I'm going to explain what I have been doing for the last six years.:confused:


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Sometimes you just gotta bs on resumes, hell put my name on there ill give a great reference we'll say we had a cleaning company and you were the best worker ive ever had.


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For those who make up references, what happens if they check out your resume and find out you lied? Have the fake ones ever worked?

I did that once earlier this year. I have temporary residence in my college apt so I put down the name of an old coworker who I knew quit, and then used my permanent address/cell phone for my own info, and put down my apartment address and number on the reference line. I ended up being too scared to call back and ask about my application because I was afraid they'd found out.


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I have worked a few jobs and used friends and family as referances. Usually your not supposed to use friends....but what does the person hiring you know? I have had a few friends that didnt graduate high school, but they put down they did. Thats something they never really check, at least for crap jobs.
I've struggled with this too... I have a few coworkers and former coworkers that I can put on applications, but some places specify that they can't be current or former supervisors, which makes it tough. And I'm not applying to crap jobs, so I definitely don't want to put fakes or family members on there and hope they don't check them.


I only have 1 reference, my best friend's dad. I have no former bosses who would ever give me a good reference.


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I hate having to put referances down. I got one of my uncles with a different surname to agree to be a referance, but we don't talk that much and I always wonder what he'll say if someone rings him up.


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Mostly, in references I only put the name of my previous companies and leave blank in co-worker or boss references :cool:


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i put my old bosses since i was an assitant to them, they knew my work ethic well (even though i barely talk about myself or ask about their lives)


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I use fake references all the time and have gotten really good jobs because of it. Just make sure you have one active one and the other 3 can be inactive. Make sure the person you set as a references can speak good English, confident and knows how to lie. Make sure you tell the person you put them as a reference and make up some bullsh1t story with them about how you worked for them and what your role was and how hard working you are. MAKE SURE YOUR FRIEND KNOWS HOW TO LIE!!!


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hey harleyq! i've always used my best friend that i've known for all my years (21) haha.. and i just give her the heads up when i put her on a resume/application... i've also used my ex boyfriend's mom, haha.. she absolutely loved me and we dated for two and a half years, so she knew my work ethic and all that jazz, she always puts in a good word! most times you can get away with putting anybody as long as you give them the heads up, haha.. i just tell them to say they are familiar with my work history and stuff like that.. i've even used my sister before! (she has a married last name so it's not the same, ha)


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I usually put old guidance counselors or academic advisers down, even though I have no contact with them whatsoever anymore. I only do this because, according to my mom and other people who have had experience working, employers never actually call them.