Where should I take this story?


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I have this story I've started writing but I just don't know what to do next.

Please read and if you have any suggestions of where I should take the character immediately after this, I may use some of your suggestions in the story. It's on wattpad. Life In Death - Wattpad
But if you don't want to read it on the site, I'm copying and pasting it here. Part one isn't finished yet.

It's called "Life In Death":


I've been given a second chance at life, in death. I'm still alive, but I'm not, I'm dead. I'm a vampire. Have been for six months. Yep, they're real. I'm real, so they must be. I don't know any though. I only remember a little of the one who made me. I remember standing on the gravel at the door in front of my seedy, alley front apartment complex, holding onto my purse with one hand and trying to fit the key in the door with the other when I was attacked from behind. I was mugged. Or at least that's how it seemed, but nothing was stolen. Out of nowhere, I was pounced on and I woke up like this a few days later in an abandoned warehouse a little ways from my apartment. My navy dress and long auburn hair were covered in blood. When I awoke and saw the blood, I first thought I had been sick. I thought I had been throwing up blood and I could hear my hearts beating through my chest. No, that wasn't a typo. I do mean hearts, with an "s". I heard multiple hearts beating in my ears. That's when I realized something was up. I thought I was going crazy. I was also weak, disoriented, and thirsty. A hungry sort of thirst that I had never felt before.

Then the feeling got stronger and the heartbeats got louder. Well, one of them did. It was faster and louder than the others. I felt it getting closer. I smelled weakness and sickness. And then I saw a cat. A skinny, scrawny, mistreated, abused black cat who looked on the verge of death. He hobbled toward me (if he was a he... I don't know). And out of nowhere, I grabbed him and drank him. I sunk my teeth through his flesh, through his fur, through his muscle, and drank him. He was delicious. And I was horrified once I came to my senses and realized what I'd done. But the heartbeats died down. Soon, I could recognize my own from the others. Soon, I realized I was a vampire.

Part 1, Four Months Later

It has been ten months since that realization. A lot has happened to me since then. I know how to be a vampire now. Kinda. The person I was no longer exists. You may notice (or may not) that the tone of this is different than that of what I wrote previously. As I sit here typing this, I know that I am no longer the same outgoing, fun, sociable girl I used to be. All that has been stripped away from me. I, Lily Jade Hartley, am a beast. I have killed. At that time, I had only existed on hurt animals. Now, I know the taste of human blood and it has changed me. Most of them were bad and deserved to be done away with but not all of them. I fear I am turning into one of those feral cats I so often fed from.

I also know how to be depressed and alone. I have been alone now, completely alone, for ten months. Almost a year. And it has really taken its toll. As my parents died when I was eleven, I know something about being alone. But this is a different kind of alone. Sometimes, I kill just to ease my loneliness and depression. In the moment of the kill, I feel such bliss, that the coming guilt seems worth it. Like a drug addict with mental illness, my drug of choice is killing humans to quell my misery.

Is that even possible? To be a vampire and have mental illness? I say so because I experience it. Never before have I felt so low. Never before have I felt so empty or alone. Never before have I been so alone. I still have yet to meet another vampire. I still have yet to meet the ******* who did this to me. To kill him. That is what I have decided to do. One of these days, I will find him, and I will kill him. I will get my revenge. That's another way I have changed: revenge. I had never understood revenge or the need for it until now.
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