When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)

What is my brain thinking lately?.. I've had the weirdest most vivid dreams. Form avoiding tornadoes by mere meters, to to having little white fluffy miniature fox/cat things purring up against my leg, to waking up back in a relationship with an ex (that was the scariest)..
Last night I dreamed I was invited to stay at someones house overnight, then they wanted me to leave, basically throwing me out. I got angry at the guy who's house it was because I had done nothing wrong.

Weird how dreams can leave that emotion in you as you wake, and for some hours after.
Went hiking today.. these are the days I love to hike. About 18 degrees, and half way through the hike it started to drizzle.. then it rained a little, then back to a light drizzle.. the smell of the rain, the smell of the trees, the earth when its wet.. the emu's and kangaroos were out...

It was beautiful walking along listening to the sound of rain on my rain jacket.
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