whats the difference or missing ?


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ok here goes :) i manage to do social things in a hurry,where you go somewhere pay and leave within few minutes,but if situation changes and i have to sit down and wait or someone just holds the que,withing the seconds my anxiety breaks through and i start to blush and feeling panic,same happens when i am with someone close from the family,and they wonder off somewhere for few minutes then a sudden feeling breaks through like i would be 5 years old and would be lost.Also in all situations if someone is close to me like friend or etc are close to me it seems like they shield you and you can manage to go trough situations being calm,where alone i would concentrate on my own image and would feel insecure and start panic.
So can anyone give me a smart advise where the hell my problem lies and how do i change my thoughts.
Try CBT therapy. Stop your cognitive distortions and balance your anxious thoughts(C) and do exposure therapy(B).

one example of CBT is that when you're out in public try doing something you're slightly uncomfortable with such as clearing your throat in a quiet room or stretching your body and then, slowly, turn around to scan the room. You will find that nobody is looking at you; nobody cares about what you're doing; and that they all have their own business to worry about. Doing this exercise repeatedly will eventually erase from your brain the false belief that you're the center of everybody's attention. and that's just one example of how CBT works