What r you grateful for?


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List all the things you're grateful for.. I'll go first.

I'm grateful for having a loving family (not everyone's perfect though) and for having shelter, clothes, coats, recreational stuff like ice skates. I also have badminton rackets and those birdies to hit it with that I enjoyed playing years before but that I prefer playing not having anxiety.


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- My dogs, even when they're being utterly obnoxious brats.
- My d&d group, they're my best friends and I love hanging out with them, actually playing d&d is just a bonus on top of it.
- Having a roof over my head, living in half a garage for the past two years hasnt been easy, and times its downright hell, but its definitely better than when I was homeless.
- Video games, books, movies and tv shows for letting me escape my shitty life :LOL:
- The beach. Its the best.
- Air conditioning in the shops. Australian summers suck. :LOL:


You want to know how I got these scars?
Not living in a war zone,
Not living in a poverty stricken country,
Support services in Australia- still the best country in the world!
Having the freedom to travel when $$ permit,
Having the balls - or the stupidity - to do crazy things liike jumping out of planes, off bridges etc.
My SPW friends
The ability to acknowledge who I am and like and accept who I am - warts and all.
My ability to empathise with others.
The inner strength I know I have


You want to know how I got these scars?
I think the worst I've experienced was some years ago, roxby downs.. 46 in the shade, and I was in full length overalls hard hat and respirator.. and working in the sun. I nearly fking died.