What are some easy to get/over the counter anti-blushing meds?

Self explainitory title. Don't wanna get a prescription, just want something easy to get to stop blushing, just need a temporary fix until I can retrain my brain.


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This might sound silly but maybe a tan would help. Im dark skinned and I still blush, but ive heard that its not always apparent. Ive not been able to see for myself though.
I'm a guy so makeup is out and I'm quite pale and a tan wouldn't work unless I went black. It's a good idea but I thought of it a long time ago. It's funny because a bright red sunburn doesn't bother me. This is the most irrational fear ever. I don't even care if my face turns red while I do my running. I just need to be physically not able to blush but I refuse to do the surgery.