Used Fischer MD-1A unit for sale


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I think I've established myself on here pretty well. It's time to give up and sell my Fischer unit. It's been sitting around collecting dust for several years now since I began using the Pulsed Current Galvanic Stimulator

Comes with the main unit of course and the cables. Trays you can make yourself.

I'm asking $150 + whatever priority shipping cost. I'm hoping it will fit in a flat rate usps priority shipping box which is about $20

This unit has treated me well and I figured at this price it's affordable. Feel free to PM me and include your email so I can send you pictures.

I purchased this used from someone who only used it a year. I used it for 6 years or so. I stopped using it after I decided I like pulsed current better which is documented in my experiments post. I've been doing ionto for 12 years this month.

We'd do the transaction via PayPal