underwear embarrassment fantasy


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I’m a 22 year-old male. I have an inflatable and embarrassment fetish.
And I also love running. I often run in 5K and 10K races.
Since 5 years ago, I have fantasized about scenarios in which I find myself strapped to an inflatable finish arch of a race in underwear(can be boxers or briefs).
The scene happens with an excuse for this to happen: for example if I come in last place or if I do more than a certain time arranged with the organizers.
I imagine the scene happening this way: I come in last in the race, so as arranged with the organizers, the speaker calls the people near the inflatable arch and organizes them, then they deflate the arch, I strip down to my embarrassing boxers and they strapp my arms and belt to the arch with duct tape. While this is happening, the speaker tells the people what is gonna happen and why. Then, the inflate the archway again with me wearing nothing but embarrassing boxer shorts. The crowd laughs and that laughter gives me some pleasure sensation. Its indifferent wether its men or women, though it gives me more pleasure if the crowd has more women, especially sexy women.

The people in these fantasies are always strangers, I dont find it pleasurable if its made with known people.

Unlike most "humiliation fantasies," mine does not involve pain.

I'm not an exhibitionist. The fantasies do not involve nudity of any type. I've never acted out these fantasies and probably never will. Of course I dont think any race organizer would agree on this and the main reason would be: kids could be around. However, this reason triggers me, because in kids cartoons/series, they sometimes put "pants fall down to expose underwear" humour. I know its only series and cartoons, but kids often pants each other at school as a joke.
Also, If you attend a baseball match, at halftime, you have inflatable mascots(Zooperstars) "eating" a guy and spitting him out in his underwear. And you bring your kids to the stadium. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out on youtube. So, why would people be offended over this?

As I grew older, I strongly suspected these fantasies would end. They haven't. Any other straight males have this humiliation fantasy?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Maybe this is telling you something that you want in your life, not in the literal sense - but in what you need to be happy. Maybe you feel like you aren't noticed or arent funny?