True Life: 'I Live Another Life On The Web'


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i was wondering if someone would post this... Judy's website (which is racy) can be found on here
Does anyone know Judy's website from True Life: I Live Another Life On The Web? - Yahoo! Answers (i don't know if i'd get in trouble for posting the exact link)

before watching the episode, i didn't realize how much it would relate to social phobia. It's definitely one of my favorite episodes of truelife. I thought the musician chick on there was really good (when she sings that song about how nobody would listen to an 8 year old, makes me wanna cry!)

it's weird how watching it you can see that all these girls have talents and that they're intelligent but they don't really see what they have to offer. which is probably the same for most people with sa.the "I live with my parents" truelife is not 100% related, but a good one to watch. i really wish they would do more social phobia-related true lifes!


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Oh man, that bowling scene hit me close to home. Not that long ago my bf and I were going around town trying to find something to do and I agreed to try bowling cause I was feeling brave, I guess. We get in there and the people behind the desk and the family next to us were watching me fail miserably. The lady behind the counter rushed up and tried to teach me how to bowl and I still couldn't do it so I started getting really flustered cause people are still watching me. Then the old lady from the family next to us comes up to me and tries to comfort me or whatever, and I almost had a panic attack. I started freaking out hardcore and telling my bf we needed to leave NOW, and the worst part was he made me stay and wait while he went and casually looked at the novelty items to buy and made a purchase. The entire time I'm literally so nervous that not only am I crying a little, but my legs are squeezed together and I'm kind of doing the little kid "potty dance".

When we got into my car, I couldn't even drive, I had to sit there for half an hour to collect myself and the whole time I was complaining about everyone watching me and how people coming up to me and basically going "Hey, you sucked REALLY bad, out there. I feel compelled to help you" made it 1000x worse. Then he showed me what he bought while I had to wait around for him - a little tiny trophy cup for me to have :)
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