Tried going back to school after 10 years had passed


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Has anyone else are still studying or had completed their college?
How are you doing with it?


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I went back to studying as a mature age student, I've just finished my final year of it. It can be hard to adjust back to studying but its definitely doable if its what you're wanting to do.


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I graduated a while ago, I went right after high school. I almost feel I'd have an easier time now as an adult that has experienced more of the world than someone straight out of high school. I was able to sneak through high school with interacting with my teachers or classmates much, and then continue to apply that through college. But beyond that I needed to become able to follow through with basic human transactions whether it was at work or for insurance or rent or making a significant purchase. Applying that with a career direction to a college experience would have not only been easier, but a lot more productive and beneficial.