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Is it just me or did the "Trash Can" just go berserk? It seems to have filled itself with over 1,200 posts. A lot of these posts shouldn't be deleted. Does this site have a disk space constraint where when it reaches a certain size it automatically starts deleting posts at random?


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Hi Sabbath. Yeh, i'm really dissapointed too. One of my posts ended up in the trash can. I posted it in the Australian section, me being from Australia. Not sure why it has happened. Hope it's all a mistake :(


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Webmaster said:
Regularly I will do an automatic deletion of posts(with not much replies or views) for space reasons.
Now you can view in the trash can the posts that will be deleted


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I understand, but still kinda sad, as my thread on 'is anyone from Geelong', was there waiting for someone to hopefully reply in time, in the australian section. But now no-one will even look at it now. :cry:
I'm not going to post or come to this website anymore. Hard disk space is ridiculously cheap. To arbitrarily delete posts without regard to content is counterproductive. Perhaps I'll post on SA-UK from now on. But I definitely will not be coming here again.


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All the posts not reaching a certain number of views or replies during a certain range of days will be deleted automatically, also the trash will be emptied soon.

sabbath92001 said:
Hard disk space is ridiculously cheap.
More space = more money.