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I'm not sure if you work for the company that makes Certain Dri or not. It's a good product yet can and sometimes will work very short term for sweaty hands. I find it great for my under arms as with most Aluminum Chloride products. For HH of the hands 12% is usually not nearly enough, neither is 20%

If you work for them..... please cool it on your posts. Every post you write is basically the same and I'm not sure that you are really adding anything productive to this forum. You have made your point known.
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No, I am just really excited about this product as I just found that Certain Dri worked well for me and my Hyperhidrosis. I am fairly new to this site, and I don't have a lot of forums that I can talk to everyone about this. I have HH in my hands, but its not really strong, so the Certain Dri deodorants with aluminum chloride work well for my hands, regardless that they are only 12%. I'm just a guy that likes a product, that's all.


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Welcome to our forum. Sometimes we get people on here just trying to push a particular product. I find that Certain Dri really helps my under arm sweating which I have not to often. Certain Dri keeps them Dri for at least 2-3 days on a single application. It's also helpful in the groin and butt area.

In the past I also have added some to my ionto treatment and that seems to help a little. All the other type of non-aluminum chloride based products have zero effect for me.
Well thank you and I understand completely. I guess looking back I did post quite frequently for two day. I'm probably just excited about Certain Dri because I have had ZERO luck with finding a prescription strength deodorant with aluminum chloride that doesn't burn my skin. I have used 20% antiperspirants in the past and got a red rash and it extremely burned all over my hands. It was awful. That is interesting that it works for the butt and groin area as well. I never thought of trying that... I am actually really impressed with the ionto treatment that you had going on. I know how ionto treatment works, but to combine a product like Certain Dri is genius. Any plans on starting another trial? I also have excessive sweating under my armpits and wear a Thompson Tee for backup cause it can get rough during the midday. I live in South Florida near the Everglades so the humidity was KILLING me slowly with my hyperhidrosis. Its kinda tricky with my body, I can't take too much aluminum, but product that don't have any don't work for me as well. It's a little annoying. I love to hear whatever advice you have about the ionto treatment! I'm quite intrigued!