This is why people stay single

I think you need to have all of these 3 things:

  • Truth: Deal-breakers (you don't satisfy at least one)
  • Lies: Neurotic misbeliefs (incl false deal-breakers & AvPD)
  • Self-persecution complex

Ps1: This isn't about why one SHOULD stay single, but why one DOES stay single (if you know what i mean)
Ps2: And by "single", i originally meant never having had a partner (long-term, short-term, casual, or single-encounter). But maybe i should expand it to allow these, but that may mean the list might have to change?
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my reason is that idr the last time i found someone I could ACTUALLY trust...i THOUGHT id found that but after a year I found out she actually was BSing me the whole time...and the crazy thing is , I had assumed she was full of it all along but she actually had actually CONVINCED me to go against my intuition and trust her....

its interesting how someone can do that do you and literally not even care at all....but i guess the way some people look at things is more like: its not what you DID, its what people can PROVE....which I find to be complete bullshit because karma always catches up with you in the end but thats another subject.

but anyway yeah, my trust issues are worse now...

I realize now after this and a few prior "fake friends" that any relationship I get into will probably be fleeting and insincere(on THEIR part) .....and if it IS sincere then it will probably be even MORE fleeting/short-lived.....that just seems to be the way my luck goes.

i think that , for ME, most people I meet are just going to screw with me in one way or another ..but maybe if I get lucky ill find some good people in the world before I'm like 90/too old to give a fvck anymore.

but for any of you guys who DO find yourself in a thing do look for in a woman as a red flag is: selfishness....a selfish woman would NOT make a good wife and damn sure wouldnt make a good mother to your children......and she can CLAIM that she isn't selfish all she wants but it will always show in her actions .....actions over words, thats whats most important.
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Yes true. I think we are so self conscious about how other people see us that we tend to just focus on that rather than allow them to see us as they do, in turn they start to see us how we see ourselves.