Thinking too much


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I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this before here, but I think WAY too much.

Being lost in thought manifests in me several different outcomes depending on the situation:

A) I am trying to learn something and I become distracted by thoughts that have nothing to do with the task at hand, and therefore prolong my study time.
B) I am doing nothing and depress myself by thinking about all of the negative things that have happened to me, are currently happening, or will happen.
C) Talking with someone, I sometimes have to force myself to pay attention to what the person is saying so I can keep up with the conversation, because random thoughts intrude. This is otherwise known as zoning out. I hate doing it, but it happens frequently.
D) There are plenty of other scenarios where unwanted thoughts sneak their way into whatever it is I am doing.

It's almost as if all this "noise" is part and parcel with my thought. My thought is noisy and very distracting. Other people just do or say shit. I have to think about everything before doing anything.

And this sounds suspiciously like ADHD.
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it's not good to think too much in a converation, just go along with the flow, whether you think too much or not it's not going to make a difference. you also don't have to be exactly alike to get along.


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if you be who you are in a so-called negative light and postive light, there will still be people who would accept you.