Teeth dirtiness phobia

I thought this was also for phobias and not only social phobias, oh well, in off-topic it goes...

I have a phobia where I must clean my teeth very well, my dental issues are so bad that it's necessary. I have no money to fix them. It takes a lot of money ironically to get supplies to clean them. Takes hours and especially worse if I eat stuff that sticks on or in between.

My temporary roommate (friend I am staying with because I had to get away from an abusive father) has restricted my bathroom time use.

I barely eat most days, what do I do?
I would guess you need to accept a point at which your teeth are "clean enough". It sounds like you are probably overcleaning your teeth, if you're spending hours and lots of products on it, overcleaning could potentially be doing damage to your teeth? Teeth won't get any cleaner by brushing longer. So maybe agree with yourself to brush for only 3 mins each time, twice a day, floss once, mouth rinse once - that sort of thing depending on what your routine is.


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I don't know what kind of tools you have, but if you don't currently have one, I would recommend getting an electric toothbrush. The one I have vibrates for two minutes, so you can get your mouth very clean without spending too much time on it (one of the heads I use makes my teeth feel almost as clean as after I have a professional cleaning). I know you mentioned you can't afford to have professional care for your teeth, but I think it would be worth looking into a dental school (sometimes they have reduced rates for students to work on you, supervised by someone with more experience) or a reputable but inexpensive dentist. Depending on the state of your teeth, it may not be as expensive as you think. I have religiously gone to the dentist twice a year, even when I didn't have dental insurance and had to pay out of pocket because I am slightly obsessed with my teeth. Good luck!