Sutran underwear?


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I'm suffering from CS on my back, butt and backs of legs since my ETS surgery a couple of weeks ago. I work in a hot environment anyways this time of year so avoiding it is impossible. Has anyone tried Sutran underwear? They are expensive but if they work its worth it - soaked underwear 15 minutes into a 12 hour shift is no fun. Just wanted opinions before I order a couple. Thanks everyone!


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I have this problem also..pretty miserable. Just a thought though,i use a stick antiperspirant rolled on that area. Helps better than nothing x


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Sutran clothes doesn't allow to pass the humidity outside...but that humidity has to evaporate. The people doesn't know that you are sweating a lot. It's amazing.

But i won't use sutran clothes under other clothes when it's really hot because the evaporation won't work properly and it will finally pass through.

In summer I only wear sutran clothes outside...I have cs severe from an ETS 10 years ago in back, chest, abdomen.

I only can say thanks for these "magic" clothes, and apologize for my bad english