Supernatural healing is REAL


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The last 5 month I was crippled with anxiety & depression the most in my life and nearest to killing myself I ever been. Symptoms were torturing me all day, I was super depressed. I thought the devil had overcome me and I was going to die. I had a wide range of therapy techniques and medications under my arsenal but they didn't work one bit.

UNTIL I learned this anxiety & depression was not fr the devil. It was from God plan, he was training and testing through this trial(s). He told me through signs and synchronizations (coincidences) that the reason I'm dealing with this new level of anxiety & depression is so I can seek him and help people with same problems. Once i seeked god the symptoms have lowered significantly without using any of my therapy techniques or medications. Just reading bible & praying.

What helped was watching christian testimonials on YouTube of Christians who got cured from god without needing meds or treatments. Supernatural healing is real. I suggest you watch multiple videos of christian testimonials because each one you learn something new about your trial (training) from god. The more, the better.