Stuttering; sentence structure, etc


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It seems a lot of the time I have trouble speaking smoothly, I will stutter, have problems just making coherent sentences, etc. I don't know if this has to do with nervousness or what? Anyone else have this?
I think it is down to nerves,theres been a few topics about people hating there voice and mumbling ect :) My speech is quite bad when im anxious,i probaly sound like im drunk or somthing hehe,i get my words back to front and all sorts 8O Your deffo not the only one.Someone on here suggested just speaking more slow,and as simple and basic as that sounds when i can remember to do that,it does help.


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We can't know from just hearing that. But yeah, even if you do have some kind of speech problem, nerves are probably a big part. Are you better when you're less nervous?
I have a similar problem occasionally, which I think is connected to being nervous or excited.


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I def have problems speaking clearly when I am really nervous or anxious. I switch letters around. I'll switch words around. It's horrible.


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Sentence structure and making sense is one of my biggest problems. I also have a low voice, hence why I tend to be so quiet.


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I always get hung up on these kinds of things. I'm a complete wreck almost every time I open my mouth. When I'm caught in sudden situations where I need to say something, my first instinct is not to speak, but to either nod/shake my head or shrug. I'm not sure which is more awkward.


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I have big problems with sentence structure. Nothing I says really makes much sense because of it. I don't have much of a problem with stuttering, but it does happen once in a while. My brain doesn't work right when people start talking to me, so my words don't work either.