straight guy having sexual fantasies about guy


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hey people,

this is probadly directed to mosly guys. Bit recently during by regualar fansities i have gone against the grain, and included men in them.
theses men would be people i know and even dont. but i was woundering was this normal for a straight guy, or is this the begininng of me becoming gay.

please respond....... :? :?


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If you're still attracted to girls then whats the problem??? Not speaking personally but I think it's pretty normal to have these thoughts anyway

Apparently your sexuality is decided before youre even born (it's part of your genetic makeup), so I don't see how you could just 'become' gay, from being hetero. If your past puberty I'm pretty sure you would know by now


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I don't think that anyone can determine if you are becoming gay. I think that those fantasies are not indicative of homosexuality. It could just be the idea of the taboo that turns you on, not the actual guy. Like sometimes people fantasize about things, yet they would never actually do them in real life, and probably wouldn't enjoy actually acting the fantasies out. It can be a turn on to think of crazy things.

I'm not gay so I can't tell you how you know or not. If it were me, I wouldn't take it too seriously unless the feelings about the opposite sex were beginning to change as well.


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I dunno man, as i grew up i at first would include guys in fantasies. I think i was just confused, and trying something differnet because i already had a hard enough time socialising with girls. But otherwise today im open towards gays but not interested, i think im pretty straight.


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ummm, well, everyone could be right, they could just be fantasies....or you could be bisexual?

I dont know you, I'm not making any assumptions - but if the idea of just discounting these feelings doesn't make you feel right, then I'd just like to point out that you don't have to!

and if you feel right about just leaving them at fantasy - then do that.


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not sure why you are flapping about it, I'm sure its perfectly normal to have these fantasies

*thinks of Pat Butcher* :p