SP Movie Recommendations


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Do you know any movie which includes a shy character as main one. Or movies about depression? Or anyone that you could identify the characters with yourself?

I hardly recommend "May" , i loved the ending (creepy).

And all of you should watch my fav movie of all time "The Hours" . Best movie about depression.


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well, i saw "bully" wich can be either lame or interesting.
I also reccomenf "spider" for depression and schizophrenia.
about drugaddiction i reccomend "spun" but i guess im goin far.

And the last one about SP and loneliness "the beauty and the beast" by walt disney


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Oh i really wanted to watch "beauty and the beast", ill definetly see it now.

And btw i love "shrek" a lot. (the first one only) It has so much philosophy in it, so much dept, and includes all main characters in life. Watch it over and over again and ull understand what i mean. I fell like an ogre too most of the time :(


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I saw "May"..I found it really hard to watch, but it's the only movie I've ever seen that has someone who clearly has social anxiety disorder portrayed as the main character...it was really creepy


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there's a movie called "ghost world" about these two teenage girl misfits who are kind of social outcasts. And the main character ( played by steve buscemi) is like this record collecting loner dude who the girls take pity on. Its kind of a comedy/tragedy about people who just dont seem to fit into mainstream society


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worrydoll said:
true lies

:? , isnt this schwarzenegger action mov? well, i know he is a depressing character,even more now he is a politician, but i dont see this movie fitin here. i like the strip part though.


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Hey, Worrydoll...Buffalo 66 is a great movie. There's another really good one with Vincent Gallo and Keiffer Sutherland that I can't quite remember...Temptation, NV? (something like that). Anyway...I really identified with Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas (even though I think Nick is a jackass). I mean the guy was at the end of the line...that's the way I'd do it.


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Personally, I like to watch movies that make me forget I'm SA. That's kinda the whole reason I watch movies... to escape from reality.
My favourite movies are: Battle Royale, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, The 'Burbs, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, The Breakfast Club (which, on hindsight, is a good one for SAers), Stand By Me, Labyrinth, Edward Scissorhands... and probably loads more. I love 80s movies. And Kevin Smith movies! He's so cool.
And I agree with Lawyerguy about Ghost World. I can relate to everything Enid and Seymore say about people.

*Edit: Oh, and Donnie Darko is a great movie for people with SA, in my opinion. And for anyone else, really.


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Not really sp related but the film with those two twins , Stuck on you is funny when matt damon has panic attacks it takes the piss in a funny way made me laugh he goes "im dieing im dieing"


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mmmm i love may

amelie is so good!! it's in french though. but i'm obsessed with foreign films. but it makes me feel so good. the chick is really shy so if you're looking for a movie to lift you up, it's for you

edward scissorhands is a good one too but it's already be said 8O :D


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I forgot these (though mentioned)

1) Amelie (it makes u think "is there still hope?", though i prefered Amelie run from people all her life, it made her unique)

2) Edward Scissorhands (one of the movies that's touched me most, and perfect ending, peaceful)

3) Donnie Darko (the movie is perfect and besides that the character (Donnie) is adorable, i wish i could be like him, wierd and confident with it)

I wanna watch Shawshank but i cant catch it. It has aired maybe 100 times but i coudnt ever watch it.

And i also recommend "Spellbound" the documentry, but still very good. 8 or 9 nerds studying for the spell competition, and what they live during the comp. Many of them are social outcasts (my fav was Ted) . You should definetly watch it. Its more exciting than many other movies and besides its real.


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Hey, Worrydoll...I was close...the movie's actually called Truth or Consequences, NM and it's directed by Keiffer Sutherland (and I don't know how to work these damnable quotes yet). It has more to do with drugs and kidnapping than with people with SA/SP or depression but it has a lot of artistic value in my opinion...if you're into drugs and kidnapping that is.


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They are all great films, whats "may" never heard of it.

What about Dead poets Society, deals with living life to full carpe diem that sought of stuff.

Benny and Joon, love this film deals with the odd characters that enjoy life through there sanity.

Before Sunrise and Sunset, very philosophical everything in the two films deals with things i think of all the time but in a natural way.

Sure theres loads more feel good movies haven't seen one with a SP as main character yet be interesting though.


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I love 'Amelie'

Adaptation is another good film where the lead character is shy/anxiety ridden/socially phobic.

the author Charlie Kaufman invents a 'brother' character who is what he wishes he could be like.