Somebody knows any cure ?

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I have gotten over my extreme shyness. It lasted well into my late twenties, then lessened greatly during my thirties. It might have been a combination of my determination (mindset) and job, where I interacted with people. Now after a lifetime of being shy I'm not sure how to make friends with other adults. I was focused so hard on ridding my shyness, I guess I didn't realize I still have a lack of social skills yet. Or in other words, curing my shyness didn't automatically give me great social skills. Something I have to work on yet. I can talk to people now without the anxiety, but I'm often brief and to the point.


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Here's what's helping me so far. Even though it might have nothing to do with SA, getting yourself into a good routine helps, like waking up every morning. Good sleep reduces Depression too which might feed your SA.
Facing your little fears/what you avoid but think it has no impact on your day: I have an intense fear of taking out the garbage, I know it sounds dumb but I do it and feel really proud of myself for it.
Realizing there's normal people out there,and then there's people who give you a hard time... anyone who is a **** is a **** or has some issues, it's THEIR PROBLEM! not yours.
I also found that art is helping me deal with everyday stress, i try to do painting tutorials online.
I'm also seeing a therapist who specializes in gestalt therapy, it makes me realize how silly most of my anticipations of situations are, and most people are just people.
I tried regular psychotherapy and it wasn't as useful to me, it made me worse. but that's not to discourage people from trying it, i've hear it is helpful to some.

edit: During the beggining stages of my recovery from extreme SA, I was drinking a lot of licorice tea, and i've heard licorice supplements help too but just a warning*** you shouldn't use licorice if you are on some psych meds or if you have blood pressure issues,* read up on it if you are interested.
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I get in touch with my feelings and talk to myself. :ironicsmile:
I know it sounds cliche but actually works for me. I quit therapy so i had to go on alone.


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I agree with a lot of the people who are going at it alone. I went through therapy and medication and found that none "cured" me. I tried something different: self-acceptance. I kept beating myself up for being different and having this disorder. When I let it go and started working on myself in other areas, I felt better. I realized, also, that I would have to just do some things differently. While I'm still a work in progress, I'm in a much better place than I was a year or two ago depending on which area of my life has been improved.

Each person has to confront their disorder on their own terms. Therapy isn't for all and we still have to find a way to live in this world. Acceptance and self-improvement was my way.


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Social anxiety can only be beaten if the sufferer is willing to make the fight and change within for the better.

Otherwise meds, CBT etc are useless.