so baby won't you take my hand so we can do what the others can..we are live tonight!


Hie yer hence from me heath!
"Here we, here we, here we f**kin' go!! Here we..." Oops! Wrong Biffy Clyro song...That crowd chant has been stuck in ma head since April 1st... :bigsmile:

such an amazing song, it describes how I am feeling right now...I don't know....I love biffy :D

Definitely agree with ye, darlin'. Different People is an awesome song from an equally awesome album. :thumbup:

Though The Joke's On Us pretty much describes how am feelin' at the moment. We embrace aw the violence with a small dose of happiness :giggle: The Scottish dialect replacement of "all" to "aw" just makes that particular line funny to me... but that's just me! Biffy Clyro - The Joke's On Us - Westend Indoor Festival 2012 - YouTube