Self medicating with cannabis.


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I started smoking weed at 19 years old, I am 28 now. Honestly I've pretty much been smoking constantly since then. Had a few breaks of a year or so.

If I have weed, I smoke it all day. Ill spend my last money on it.

It's very useful for my depression, suicidal thoughts, and also just as a stress relief.

I am wondering if anybody here struggled with this and what you did to fix it.

I can't be stoned 24/7 it's not healthy. I am on the max dose of anti-depressants, I take 4 different meds for mental problems. It doesn't always work, so pot has been my go to when I start feeling bad.

I can fantasize about suicidal thoughts, but when I smoke a bowl, they go away because I don't care about anything once I'm stoned.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Several things to consider.

While this is still debated by professionals, there is strong evidence to suggest there is an interaction between antidepressants and cannabis. I don't know how that works, but pragmatically, it's possible (just like with alcohol) the cannabis may make the antidepressants less effective.

The other thing is you need to get exercise. If you're able to exercise consistently, you might be able to get off some of these drugs, including the cannabis. I used to be a drug/alcohol addict but once I had to quit (constant hangovers, health problems, etc.) I started exercising more and it's a *good enough* replacement.


^definitely id agree with trying an exercise routine first. That might be all thats necessary to replace your marijuana habit.

also Have you heard of kratom? its legal in the U.S. and is much milder than marijuana . You can use it and still function adequatley. iv heard it can be slightly addictive though but not any more so than marijuana.

also, like marijuana, its one of those things that the DEA wanted to ban and the FDA doesnt approve of it..but there are ALOT of testimonials of it helping people and its not known to be harmful to your health.
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I've looked into Kratom before and it's not quite so straightforward.

While not an opiate itself, it does have some opiate-like effects and therefore can potentially cause some degree of physical addiction, unlike marijuana which is just psychological.

While still legal in the US, it cannot be produced locally and has to be imported from overseas. Origin and quality control is a concern, or at least it would be for me.

I've heard it has advocates among those who need pain-relief but cannot use opiates or don't want to risk addiction to them, Kratom in this case being less likely to cause serious withdrawals, overall less serious.


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Every single person I know who uses canabis on a daily basis has made their mental health situation worst (including myself in the past), especially those who takes prescribed medication as well. Just my personal opinion based on what I've seen.


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I have smoked weed a few times in my life and a couple of times I noticed that I had panic attacks the next day when I was no longer stoned. I have also talked to other people who have experienced this too. I don't know what it is about weed, or if it's just certain kinds of weed, but it can cause panic attacks the next day when you're no longer stoned. After having that happen to me a couple of times I will never smoke again.