Realizing you're constantly being an asshole to yourself


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I have this annoying habit of judging other people on an almost constant basis when I'm around people. It's annoying mostly because I hate it when people do that, but also because I realize that I'm only projecting the negative feelings I have toward myself. Whenever I'm judging other people, I'm actually just judging myself negatively.

How do you get out of this loop and just... be?
I do the same thing, i was thinking about it today and I am a little worried so my conclusion was basically that it is important not to verbalize it. Try to fuck the shut up. I will try it starting in 5,4,3,2,1...go!


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I guess it's a matter of rewiring your own brain and diverting your attention elsewhere (ie, what you're doing in that instance, the music you're listening to on your mp3 player, etc). Sometimes the brain's been so used to doing a certain thing that it's hard to teach it any different.


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A technique that I try sometimes is to picture myself as a young child or teen, so whenever Im thinking negative thoughts at myself I try and picture myself saying it to the young me who didnt deserve the shit she got... It makes it harder to throw the hate on yourself when you're throwing it all on a younger version. It doesnt always work, and I dont always remember to do it, but it helps sometimes.