Rain Water for ionto treatment


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I've also mentioned in the past how rainwater has helped tremendously with my ionto treatment. It worked great several years back then ionto at a later date ionto mysteriously stopped working. I'm back to using rainwater once again and I'm having exceptional results.

I also recycle the rainwater by running it through a portable charcoal filter. I get at least 8 or more uses from a single gallon. My mixture is 75:25, Rain:Tap. After each treatment I run the water through the filter to clean out the dead skin keeping the water fresh.

Best way to collect the water is either from a downspout off your gutters or directly rolling off the roof into 18 gallon containers. Here in Nevada it rarely rains so I collect at minimum of about 30 gallons at once. I then filter the water and store it in either gallon or 5 gallon jugs.

This may or may not work for you. It's just another thing to try. Melting snow in buckets may work also.


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Now rainwater may not work for everyone, yet it's worth a try. I've had times where it has worked like a charm, other times no effect.

A lot of factors can impact your treatment such as extra stress that's not part of your usual daily routine. Illness, medication, job related, family stuff, even water quality. I lived through it all during my 11 years of treatment. Anxiety can play a big role on the outcome of ionto treatment.

In my case severe fibromyalgia, general anxiety disorder effects treatment. This week I've been stressed about an upcoming doctor appointment which translates into wet hands. Of course without ionto treatment my hands would be dripping non stop. For the past few days i have experienced periods of dampness, wetness and dryness. The worst today was trying to keep a firm grip on the screwdriver handle. So annoying. I had to shake someone's hand today and go figure, my hand was bone dry.