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That's true, its tough to say cause briefs offer way more support allowing for better movement but they can be a little snug and yeah warm at times.
I have never worn boxers myself, but it would be interesting to know if there are any girls that do wear them? :idontknow:

I know doctors frequently tell guys who are having a bit of difficulty trying to create a baby with their partner, that wearing boxers instead of briefs, is a must.


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I only wore briefs for years. I much prefer boxers now although if you don't buy the right kind you'll find yourself constantly adjusting
Well I primarily wear briefs due to the support. I have found that boxer briefs seem to be a good in between the two kind of a solution. I think though if your going to be seen in your underwear then you should try to wear the kind that best fits your body type. I mean not every one can pull of a pair of tighty whities lol.