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Hi everyone.
I'm 15 and i've been suffering from panic attacks since i was 12. As with most people it makes my life a living hell, I havn't been to a mainstream school for 3 years and everytime i leave the house (which is very rarely) i become terrified that i'm going to throw up and i oftan have panic attacks. I really need some advice because next Tuesday i'm going to collage to have an interview with the special needs teacher because of this panic disorder and i'm ABSOLUTLEY TERRIFIED of going, even the thought of walking into the building makes me feel awful.. The last time i went to the collage was for my audition (when i got in) and i was in a terrible state, now i'm scared i'll feel exactly the same way on Tuesday, infact i know i'll feel awful and i was just wondering if anyone else who suffers from panic attacks could give me some advice of what to do when i feel like this, like what to tell myself or what to do to distract myself myself from feeling like that. I'd really appreciate any help.


Hello Rachael,
I don't know if my experiences can help you at all but I have lived with SP issues for a long time. With respect to your going to college, one thing to remember is that the person you are going to see (special needs teacher) is on your side and wants to help. I found that just knowing this helped a little. They really do want to help you and they will not make any judgements about you.
Secondly, because its such a big step, is there anybody who can go with you? Say your mum or a sister? I have found that it helps having someone I trust to lean on.
Thirdly, have you seen your doctor? There are drugs which can help to pacify the anxiety. I'm not a doctor so I can't really give you any details but it is worth exploring this avenue.
I'm sorry if this doesn't help, please feel free to ignore my reply. But whatever, Good luck and I really hope you cope with your visit to college.
All the best


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Goodby gave some really good advice.
I used to have multiple panic attacks in grade and high school.

First, I would also suggest that you try to breathe slower when you feel anxious. Take long deep breaths. Usually when people don't breath correctly, they will panic more (hyperventilation). I used to do it.

Second, I would keep in mind that you're going to college for better get closer towards your goals (of having a job, finding yourself, etc.). These things are worth the anxiety that you might feel when going to the college.

I know other people on this website will give good advice.

-Good Luck-

Tell us how it turns out. :D :D :wink: :D


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Gooby and Orlando -I really appreciate your advice. Ecspecially the breathing correctly. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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hello Rachael

i think it is mega brave that you are going to collage. the more afraid you are i think the more you have to do it. if you get through this it will be a huge step. then you can remind yourself the next time "i got through that situation, i can do this. AND YOU CAN. i know how hard it is to relax but you can do it. its good to be brave.


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Hello Rachael
I also suffer from panic attacks.
The way I help myself is that I tell myself that there is no one going to hurt me or nothing is going to happen to me... I find that the attacks are brought on by thoughts... As i think things are going to be bad and I will need to get out and get home as soon as I can... I tell myself that it is going to be fine and that it is for my benefit.... I also use some drops (rescue remedy) in a bottle of water and sip the water when I am in a situation that I don’t like...I also take deep breaths as this slows you down and relaxes you i inhale and count to 5 then hold breath for 5 then exhale for 6

Hope this helps and hope that all goes well for you



Hi Rachael.
First of all i'd like to say that you should be proud of yourself for having the guts to try to better your life even though you have panic issues :D no matter how bad you feel please remember that it takes more courage to stuggle through a situation than it does to sail through with ease.
I've had varying degrees of panick attacks, anxiety, and agoraphobia for 15 years. I don't seem to be doing too badly these days touch wood 8)
There are two main thngs that have helped me over the years are Relaxation techniques and understanding that a panic attck will not hurt me physically. i always used to think I was going to die etc. As soon as I realised that was not the case I found that the attacks didn't have as muh power. The relaxation technique I used was simple. First tense, then relax each muscle group, and learn to recognise how the muscles feel when they are properly relaxed. then when you begin to feel really tense you can quickly go through the technique.
I wish you al the luck and strength xxxx