Picture thread

Oh just fucks sake, gotta FUCKIN blow off steam here, because I damn well can't on the thread cos I have to be the nice, polite, understanding mod!!! All I was trying to suggest was people should maybe be a little bit supportive on a support site! I mean is that such a silly concept? Grrrrr


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wow i'm suprised by maggie. she's civil most of the time. i think SHE'S the one that's taking things personally. self-indulgent is a harsh term, though i agree, some are flaunting, (but not your deary :D) but that doesn't mean you can say it in the forum :roll:
I know! How insensitive can you get, lots of people have removed their pics and messaged me on msn upset. That's what annoyed me really, cos I thought it was a great idea for a thread, and then some people come along and wreck it and really hurt some of the members. I wasn't too fussed, I'd been wanting to take my pics down for days :lol: just grrr lol
Chilling__Echo said:
might i add that i think it's kinda funny that maggie called you "scaryfairy" at one point. i don't know if she was being snide or what lol...
Ha yeah I figured she was making a dig, but I quite like it, almost considered changing my msn name to 'scaryfairy' sounds quite me :twisted: :twisted: