panic attack description


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-Hot and cold sweats
-surreal feeling
-buzzing in my ears
-pins and needles on my skull
-inability to breathe
-uncontrollable shaking
-vision gets a little dark like I'm going to pass out
---*chest pain and pain in left arm---anyone else get this?? And then wonder, (even though you know it's not true, that you're having a heart attack and about to die?)
--*At it's very worst, I won't be able to calm down until I've vomitted everything in my stomach. Afterwards I feel weak and it finally stops.


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.... is passing out a form of panic attack?

I pass out alot... around ever year i do. It started ever since 5th grade. Whenever i get anxiety ridden or exited when i'm around people, i just pass out and fall right on the ground. I'm guessing its just a way of my body saying to stop and its to much.

I only get minor symptoms leading up to it. Nothing like what you guys are talking about. I get real dizzy. Sometimes, if i'm crying before i pass out, i'll start hypernelating (but i do this alot when i cry) My heart beats really fast. When it happens, it happens really quick.

And thats it, i wake up on the floor with help, or no help. Just totel utter shut down of the hole body.

Its so embarrassing, especially when it happens in school such as gym. So i always fear it will happen, which leads on to me stressing more.


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Wow, mandy-chan, that sounds really tough. It's strange though that the symptoms before hand are not severe...maybe you should get a check up at the doctors or something to rule out any physical problems that might be going on. I've heard of people passing out under stress, but I do believe that what you're experiencing is a bit different than the regular run-of-the-mill panic attack.


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We've went to the doctors each time its happened, but he doesn't know why i'm passing out. He said the stress might be the reason, but we haven't went farther into that. I recently had my first seizure as well, last jan. when we had a family get together.

I'm not to sure if it is stress related, but it always happens when i'm around people... so who knows...
panic and the insanity

-everything around me blacksout almost
-im put in this surreal life(idk is surreals the right word.. i feel like im actually there)
-i get sick... sometimes i throw up, sometimes i just get really nauseated.

i also think i am insane sometimes so i avoid doctors about it.
i get scared when i come out of them that they actually might be the future.