Overwhelmed and panicking


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For the most part, I have been doing better. I feel optimistic about my future, which I think is a key to improving my circumstances. It seems realistic that, in the next couple of years, I could be done with my Master's Degree and have a full time job.
However, this week is rough. My son's birthday is Thursday, and I work in the evening. I have overlapping schedules for my two jobs on Friday and Saturday, and I just realized I forgot to go to a training this morning (I was supposed to be there 9-11, and it is after 9:30, so I'd miss at least half of it, even if I left now). I feel stupid, and I know I will have to make it up, which may inconvenience someone else...I have been so worried about the rest of the week that I completely overlooked this thing this morning...


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Thanks! I texted my boss and she said to make sure to go to the next training, so I guess that will be okay. I know I am more relaxed when I have plans in place and I feel somewhat like I know what is going on. One of my New Year's resolutions is to stress and worry less. It was going pretty well until today.


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I still haven't dealt with my scheduling conflicts...I am avoiding talking to anyone about it, which I'm sure makes the situation worse.
I also now have to make up the training I missed tomorrow afternoon--which is when I was planning on going to my son's school with snacks for his birthday. :(
On the upside, I only have two assignments left to do for the semester--one for each class, so I'm sure I will be less stressed about school soon.


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Sorry! Totally missed the replies on your thread!

I'm the same way about scheduling and messing up. I tend to avoid, avoid, and occasionally, I avoid. It'll be tough and it'll get tougher the longer you avoid, but I've found that people are generally more understanding than I give them credit for.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I had to forgive my mother plenty of times for having to work--how dare she support me!--your son will forgive you too. ;-)

Near the end of my semester as well! YAY!