Open your eyes !!


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People, if they don’t feel pain, don’t open their eyes. If they’re happy, everything shuts down and they get lazy. When suffering stabs you: That’s what gets you thinking, and you can really expand your awareness. The greater the pain, the more you have to investigate it to see what causes it. You can’t just sit there and let the pain go away on its own. Right now my arm feels heavy— why? Because I’ve picked up this glass. If I let it go, the glass won’t be heavy, or at least won’t be heavy on me, because I’m not connected with it.
The same with stress and pain: Why is it heavy? Why is it painful?
Because you’re holding onto it. But you don’t understand that it’s stressful. You think that it’s something special, something good. When you’re told to let it go, you can’t let it go. When you’re told to put it down, you can’t put it down. So you keep on being heavy, keep on suffering