Noticed I wasn't that shy in family videos when younger..


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I was browsing through some old family photographs when I was young, between 9-12 I guess, and I realised how I wasn't as shy as I am now, to the point of being anxious.

In the photographs, I've got a broad smile, eyes energetic and naive. In family videos, I'm playing up to the camera..

Then I think to now and I think where did that boy go? To the point I'm 28, married, and shy bordering on anxiety..

Wish I could encapuslate that young me and transfer it now..!

How about anyone else?


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Oh, same here, Silent.

Apparently ah was quite hyper as a kid, always running about - from what my sister says. Ah find it hard believe how I once was.

Playing up to camera - ah did that as well when ah was a wee lad. Now ah dislike the very idea of being centre of attention.

Had a look at some family photos recently myself, and ah was always happy, smiling. Now ah can barely bring myself to raise a smile without looking and feeling so fake.


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I was the same way, but I was also a thick-headed kid. I think the problems started to come with more experiences and awareness, and back then I didn't think about much at all beyond that I didn't like some other kids for making fun of me.